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Customer’s feedback has helped us to specially develop our Crumbler Rolls to serve the crumbling industry, to its best. Also, customers can buy rolls manufactured by German Technology & Standards from our production facilities. As a result, ensures high performance crumbler rolls for pellet crumbling mills & crushing rolls for other industries. These crumbler rolls can be used in animal feed mills, stockfeed, charcoal, activated carbon.

Customer can buy Circular as well as Longitudinal Grooved/Fluted Crumbler Rolls. Furthermore, Hardness of the rolls can be achieved as per the requirements of the customers.

Our customers appreciate the following values of our products:

good performance, good lifetime, smooth running of the rolls, prompt after sales service.

We are also manufacturing Roll Grinding and Fluting Machines.


The Crumbler Rolls are used in various industries, like:

  • Pellet Crumblers
  • Animal Feed Mills
  • Stockfeed
  • Charcoal & Carbon, Etc


We supply different materials for crumbler rolls & crushing rolls, to enhance performance and productivity of your plants. Our materials for this industry are for example the following:

All the above materials (OCC Rolls & OCE Rolls) have their own strengths. All these materials will work better than traditional chilled cast iron rolls. Also, customers can use the special material OCE® 600 Ultra Rolls for breaking or cracking of different feed, etc. This material also helps in increasing the life of the fluted rolls up to 40%. If you want more details about these grades or anything else, please contact us and we can provide you all the necessary details.

For the benefit of the customers, Crumbler Rolls are manufactured with more wear resistant and therefore the life of these rolls is longer. Hence they can help to generate more profits with less downtime for our valued customers.

OCC Rolls & OCE Rolls are suitable for all types of Pellet Mill Crumblers & other Crushing Mills, manufactured by various OEMs and other Manufacturers.