RollsFlaker Rolls for Oil Industry

Flaker Rolls for Flaking of Oil Seeds, Feed and Breakfast Cereals etc. Flaking Mill Rolls, called the heart of the oil seed extraction plants. We can use the Flaker Rolls for flaking of soybean, canola, copra, palm kernel, feedlots and breakfast cereals (corn flakes, rice flakes). Therefore the Flaker Rolls need to be of highest quality standards. Since quality of the end product & efficiency of the production also depends on the flaker rolls. So we offer our flaking mill rolls made with German Technical Know-How and Standards.

Customer can get longer life, less wear, better production, reliability with our Flaking Mill Rolls. As a result better results can be achieved & overall production cost of the plant can be reduced.

Depending on the requirements of the customers & application, customers can buy different options of materials for the Flaker Rolls. Furthermore, customers can buy all sizes of Flaking Mill Rolls for oil seed flaking & other applications from us.

Applications of Flaker Rolls or Flaking Mill Rolls

The Flaker Rolls or Flaking Mill Rolls, used in Flaking Mills & Flakers for the processing of:

Corn Flake & Other Cereal

Animal Feed

Oil seeds

Rice Flakes

Materials of Flaker Rolls or Flaking Mill Rolls

Over the years we have developed different options of wear-optimized special materials for the Flaker Rolls. Therefore our Flaking Mill Rolls suits your requirements and gives you best possible results. Our materials are for example the following:

All the above materials (OCC Rolls, HOCC Rolls, ORT Rolls & OCE Rolls) have their own strengths. All these materials will work better than traditional chilled cast iron rolls. The OCE Rolls & ORT Rolls has been developed especially for high-speed- and high-performance flakers. Furthermore these materials have proved themselves in the industry for many years. Also, OCE Rolls & ORT Rolls have better thermal conductivity & strength.

Special metallurgic material prevents work hardening of the flaker rolls or flaking mill rolls, hence reducing the risk of spalling.

OCC Rolls, HOCC Rolls, ORT Rolls & OCE Rolls are suitable for various Flaking Mills & Flakers. Our rolls can be used for Flakers manufactured by all OEMs and other Manufacturers.

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