About Us Foundry

In the new manufacturing facilities, Irle Kay Jay Rolls Pvt Ltd, formed in a Joint Venture of Kay Jay Chill Rolls Pvt Ltd, India & Irle Rolls GmbH, Germany, we produce mill rolls for various industries with highest quality standards.

The melting foundry has 3 Electric Induction Furnaces, to produce rolls of up to 10 Tons weight. We have the latest & computerised laboratory equipment, consisting of Spectrometers, Gas Analysers, etc., to regularly control the alloys and mixture of the molten metal during the melting process. This helps us to maintain highest quality standards to produce best quality rolls.

We produce rolls using the centrifugal casting process. The casting machines are designed & produced by our German Partners. With all computerized controls, we can check all critical parameters of the casting machine while casting of the rolls.

The foundry is also responsible for the annealing of the workpieces to reduce the material tension and to carry out the thermal material treatment. Due to the specific requirements the foundry works in three shifts.

Melting Facilities 3 electric melting furnaces (induction furnaces), to produce a roll of up to 10 Tons.

Testing Facilities Modern and computerized laboratory equipment for in-process quality controls.

Casting Facilities Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machines to produce a roll of maximum 1200 mm diameter.

Heat Treatment Facilities Our foundry is capable of heat treatment of the rolls (if required), up to 450°C.