MachinesRoll Sand Blasting Machines

In the year 2011, we started making the Roll Sand Blasting Machines or Roll Frosting Machines (Automatic) for making the surface of the rolls a little rough after grinding of the rolls. 

The machine is equipped with dust collector, grit size separator & recycle system, etc. Our R&D team has developed latest software which controls complete operations of the machine using the latest PLC System with Touch Screen. With the help of this system you can also monitor the status of the sand blasting process. You can achieve the desired Ra value on the surface of the rolls, with the help of our well-engineered design of the machine, using the controls for rotation speed of roll & linear speed of the nozzle. Dust collection system helps to keep the external environment dust free.

We have the below models for the Sand Blasting Machines:

Max. Roll
Max. Roll
Max. Total
Roll Sand Blasting
310 mm 1500 mm 2500 mm K-SBM 3125
610 mm 2200 mm 3000 mm K-SBM 6130
820 mm 2200 mm 3000 mm K-SBM 8230