RollsRolls & Cylinders for Other Industries

With the past experience and German Technology, we have developed rolls for various other industries as well, other than the industries mentioned in other categories, like cylinder liners, hydraulic rams, ink, triple roller mills, paint, mineral & ore grinding, etc.

As the rolls can be used for various industries, we have special materials suitable for specific industries. Based on your requirements, we can suggest different options with our experience to help your help in getting best possible results and good productivity with high efficiency.


Rolls or Cylinders for other industries can be for industries like:

  • Ink
  • Hydraulic Rams
  • Paint
  • Salt
  • Mineral & Ore Grinding
  • Soap
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Clay Grinding
  • Textile
  • Fertilizers


Over the years we have developed different options of wear-optimized special materials for the above industries to suit your requirements and give you best possible results. Our materials are for example the following:

Chilled Cast Iron
Alloyed Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron
Nodular Iron
Grey Cast Iron

The life of our rolls is better due to the latest and modern manufacturing techniques adopted by us while producing the rolls.