RollsRolls for Steel Industry

Continuous Research and Development in the last few decades, Kay Jay Chill Rolls ensures our customers to have a good quality and high performance mill rolls for steel re-rolling, stretch reducing mills, loosing mills, straightening mills, sizing mills, etc.

With the help of our valued customer and their important feedbacks, we have been able to give our customers satisfactory solutions with our German Technology Rolls, for applications like steel re-rolling mills, stretch reducing mill rolls (SRM Rolls), etc. Proper quality controls and tests carried out on the rolls, during the manufacturing process and at the time of final inspections, guarantee consistent quality of rolls from us.

Depending on the application and requirement of the customer, we offer different materials and hardness of the roll.


The Steel Mill Rolls are used in the following applications:

Rolls for Steel Re-Rolling Mills

  • Round & Bars
  • Flats
  • TMT Steel
  • Section Steel

Stretch Reducing Mill (SRM) Rolls

Straightening Mill Rolls

Rolls for Production of Welded Pipes

Sizing Mill Rolls

Loosening Mill Rolls


Over the years we have developed different options of wear-optimized special materials for the above industries to suit your requirements and give you best possible results. Our materials are for example the following:

Chilled Cast Iron
Alloyed Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron
Nodular Iron (SG Iron)

The life of our rolls is better due to the latest and modern manufacturing techniques adopted by us for production of rolls.